Does the participation cost me anything?

Nope, it’s 100% free. Just choose your design and hope that it will win.

Why do you give T-Shirts for free?

Some T-Shirt designers pay for the competitions. So it is possible for us to send you free T-Shirts (and to keep a little commission for us).

So who will send me the T-Shirt if I win?

The T-Shirt will be sent to you via the linked plattform where the T-Shirt is sold. We will place the order and it will be directly sent to you as a present.
We do this so you don’t have to wait for your prize and you also can be sure that a trusted plattform will handle all shipping/quality problems that may occur.

Can i participate all over the globe?

Currently we offer our service in the European Union, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA only – sorry. But we are working very hard to roll out the competitions all over the globe.

I am a T-Shirt designer. How can I be part of the next competition?

Cool, just drop us a line (info@freetee.rocks). We will get in touch with you.

Is it me, or is this Free Tee thing a cool idea?

Yes it is 🙂