How To Free Tee?

Free Tee is the first T-Shirt voting plattform, where you can vote for tees from Spreadshirt, Teezily, Amazon, Teespring and other T-Shirt-realted websites.

Until 31.12.2017 you can vote for a T-Shirt design every week. – We are giving away 50 T-Shirts worth approx. 1.000 €. 

It’s as simple as that:

You can win free T-Shirts every week just by voting!

What do I have to do to win?

  1. Vote for your favourite design.
  2. If your favourite design gets the most votes, you have the chance to win it.
  3. One participant wins the most liked T-Shirt of the weeks competition.
  4. BE HAPPY 🙂

Why do we give away free T-Shirts?

We want to gather feedback on designs, design-trends and customer interests. Our goal ist to improve our products at our Shirt Factory brand and help other designers in creating more products you really want to buy!